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LogoForText offers portable generator rentals for virtually any application. We offer a wide range of specialized power generation to meet the needs of the customers. Our extensive inventory consists of silenced diesel generators ranging in size from Honda’s to  Redundant 1000kW Twin Paks and provide the latest technology in spill containment, noise control, and emissions. UL auxiliary fuel tanks, environmental spill containment burms, electrical distribution and bio-diesel options are available.  Whether you need a generator for a hospital standby, movie production or sporting event, LogoForText delivers with the service, availability, and the reliability you expect.  LogoForText is a leader in both the special events industry and emergency response applications that include the oil & gas industry.

’s Power Generation Division has long been a trusted source of service and expertise for over 20 years.   All of our equipment is serviced and is part of a preventative maintenance program that provides you with solid, sound, reliable equipment for your next event.  Our dedicated trained electricians are on call 24/7 and equipped to make your electrical connections and expedite all services needed to support the equipment rental industry.

LogoForText is committed to delivering the highest level of equipment and service available.

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